I am Fama, an expert in branding, communication and marketing, content creator on social media: @famadiagne and now, founder and CEO of Fama Hair Couture.

 I love sublimating people, to see them happy and confident. And that is what led me to take time to create a noble product that meets your needs and dreams. I have been able to resist your requests for more than a year to offer you the best in terms of hair extensions in the world. You will realize it yourself. This well-known product on all social networks under the name and concept of "Fama Hair Couture" will allow each of you to express yourself and finally wear, like Oumy and I, the hairstyle of your dreams.


My story: I am 28 years old today whereas throughout my early twenties, in 2014, it was almost impossible for me to find good quality hair extensions on the market that could blend properly with my natural hair. The beginnings of my hair adventures were not perfect and I had trouble finding an entity that I could trust and who would advise me well. I spent hundreds of euros on hair extensions that ended three months later you know where. Since I had to find a solution, because I never accept defeat, I benchmarked the extensions: their origin, the different laying methods, their singularities, etc. The results of this long-term work gave birth to your product. Thus, Fama Hair Couture was born, or at least in my mind.

Over the years I have analyzed the market, learned to understand people's needs, in terms of hairstyles, desires, problems. I listened to my friends, I followed the greatest celebrity hairstylists. I wanted to provide a solution while offering a glamorous, undetectable, fast and practical product: "an A-List hairstyle at home".


I wore my extensions for a very long time before offering them to you. It is also thanks to my community on social media and to my loved ones that I started because of the sublime feedback on my impeccable and natural hairstyles summarizing as follows: "Queen of undetectable hair extensions". This comforted me in the idea of not hesitating anymore. I kept the secret for a while before turning to my little sister, Oumy, who is a pillar in my life, my ally, my greatest source of inspiration and my best friend. As an auditor in a Big Four, her expertise and her critical and alert mind have been able to bring the project at arm’s length. She started with me and together we created this brand to make all your dreams come true.

My deep concern to take care of my image by having fun with my different hairstyles has allowed me to develop my creativity, to have confidence in myself and to express myself in my own way. Bringing density and volume to artistic creativity is really fun and accessible to each and everyone of you. It is no longer a monopoly reserved solely for celebrities. It is up to you, the boulevard is widely open. A long work of research, remarkable and precise know-how, rare quality and unique products. Fama Hair Couture, I hope, will fulfill all your desires. I hope you like this project, we have put our heart into it.


Your story: I am curious to know everyone's story since you all have a very beautiful one and a path that inspires me. What is your definition of beauty? How do you define yourself?


If you are tired of investing your time and money into extensions that are poor quality and do not suit you then you are in the right place. Fama Hair Couture commits entirely to you and promesses you an irreproachable quality of hair. Our hair is unique, we design hairpieces that blend well with your natural hair.


Our CEO and founder, Fama Diagne, is the Queen of Undetectable hair extensions. She has worked very hard for years in order to bring a new concept in the market. She has developed and perfected a unique craft: that’s what makes us unique.


With her research and expertise we were able to provide hair pieces that are completely seamless and creates the illusion of your natural hair. We are concerned about your hair, as a mean to create the most comfortable protective styles, our products contributes to their growth while providing astonishing hairstyles.


We only provide 100% human hair with no chemicals and harm. The cuticles are intact, all the strands are full from roots to end. We only choose strong, soft fibers that are selected  carefully. Our hair is reusable and can last for years depending on care. It is a luxury quality. It comes in a large amount of textures, from short to very long length and a lot of volume for a glamorous look.


Our experts have been on the market for years. All hair extensions are handcrafted with great care. The craftsmen have to pluck the hair, cuticle-intact, hand by hand which creates a very natural finish. The process of making the hair is very refined. (Comme mentionné plus haut) As mentioned above, our founder has developed and perfected a unique craft. The last steps of production are made with innovates techniques that reinforce the durability of the product.


Our values are inclusion, authenticity and transparency. These values ​​constitute the very essence of our identity, now and in the future.


Fama Hair Couture is an inclusive brand. Our founders believe strongly that if we all move with love and genuine intentions we would succeed in all aspects of our lives. We care about you, we see you, we are aware of all your needs and want to provide a solution. You can be whoever you want to be, express yourself and be free.


We also care about the world we live in, together we can create a better place.


We guarantee that all the strands are donated with full consent, voluntarily. It is a very safe and supervised process.


Our packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly. It has the lowest environmental impact possible and is a sustainable sourcing. We can assure that the materials in the final production are actually recycled and processed more sustainability. It is certified by great organizations such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or GRS (Global Recycle Standard).


Zero waste, re-use our boxes and pieces. I hope our design can fit somewhere, in your beauty corner.

We promise you the best.